News: Just some entertainment...

06/07/05 - 16:14:25

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ


I put a small clip in the downloads section. The jump is performed by T3dBundy and it's very hard. Go check it out (you need to be registered to be able to download it).

News: New sponsor!

05/07/05 - 23:55:24

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ


We, Xtreme-Jumps, got ourself a new sponsor! They'll be sponsoring us with webspace and a ftp. We already moved the website to their host as some of you might noticed. The map-downloads will soon be up again.

The sponsors website is and their IRC-channel is #eXtreme-Players. Please take a visit. :)

News: 5+2 new demos by:

30/06/05 - 14:43:11

Written by: tarGet

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

clintmo_bhopwarehouse in 00:27

kz_alpin in 03:58
kz_ezalpin in 03:39

kt_aztecclimb in 01:52

kz_climbersxp_b03 in 11:15

gj everybody !!
get t3h demo's @ record page [members only]

Update (OddYsseus)

kz_sk_proclimbing done in 07:05 (07:07 T3dBundy)
kz_tropiclimb_b01 done in 03:44 (03:47 Exodus)

Update 2 (OddYsseus)

kt_aztecclimb done in 01:50 (01:52 KNiFEAR)

News: 3 New Demos

26/06/05 - 17:07:26

Written by: tarGet

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

new demo's by:

kt_aztecclimb in 01:53
kt_megacliff in 04:24

ak_rh_warehouse_ns in 06:25

get t3h demo's @ demo page [members only]

News: ladder rules & tutorial update

25/06/05 - 23:34:16

Written by: ernstaugust

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

hi guys
a little update of the ladder-rules & the tutorial:


normaly you shouldn't climb without godmode, but if a map have a "10.000-hp" button or something like that, you can use it (for example on kz_alpin)!!


some asked me, why they only see 2 ppl on the rankings, thats why you only see the rankings without the newcommer (guys without a played match), I think the following picture will descripe this problem:


ok and second, I descriped what to do after a match :)
so gl & hf :)



Read the rest...

News: demoZ!!112

24/06/05 - 18:55:47

Written by: OddYsseus

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Here are three new demos:

kz_adv_underground done in 08:14 (08:46 FikoN)

clintmo_bhopbarrels done in 00:30 (N/A)

kt_aztecclimb done in 01:55 (01:57 Nicla$$)

gj :) Downloadlinks at demo-page [members only]

Don't forget to sign up for kreedz 1on1 ladder ;)

update by ernstaugust

I updated the tutorial "how to register with the kreedz 1on1 ladder"

how to accept a fight will coming soon!

News: Kreedz Ladder online!

24/06/05 - 18:01:38

Written by: ernstaugust

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

hi guys,

a Kreedz Ladder is online right now!!!
just visit -link- and register yourself, then join the ladder.


the page is currently only in german available, but leaguez is working on the translation.

the rules of the ladder can be viewed here: -link-

I posted a tutorial, how to register with and with the ladder.

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