News: New maps!

09/06/05 - 18:52:39

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hi! :)

Seven new maps has been released! We have no download links on this website since we don't have enough traffic allowed going on our FTP, but you can find all the new maps on have to be registered). We will hopefully have the new maps on our website soon too.

kz_beachmountain by rad0n - Rated average
kz_cornsilo by rad0n - Rated average
kz_ezalpin by Guardix - Rated easy to average
kz_alpin by Guardix - Rated average to hard
kz_cellblock_hard by Millet - Rated average to extreme
kz_ea_harbor by -ovi- - Rated average to hard

And the seventh map is made by five different people. They all made one room each based on 5 trees (as you might can be able to understand from the mapname) and they put teleports between the rooms. It's rated easy to hard.
kz_5trees by SoUlFaThEr, MuskaOtik, Guardix, Chatoune, rad0n

Keep the maps coming mappers :)

News: a New (short) kz Movie

09/06/05 - 06:15:51

Written by: tarGet

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Xtreme-Jumps Movies

hi there -.-

well.. here is the release of my first but short kz movie..
starring: lml-mike and Target-

hope u guys like it..

click here to download the movie

News: happy b-day helferlein

07/06/05 - 23:09:02

Written by: ernstaugust

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

oh my god

we forgot the b-day of the biggest legend in the kreedz community, the best jumper since kz_maps started...we forgot the b-day of helferlein!!!

happy birthday helferlein <3, we hope you come back soon :)

News: Happy birthday FikoN :D

02/06/05 - 17:30:54

Written by: OddYsseus

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

FikoN has a birthday today!
Congratz to your 14th birthday m8 :)


01/06/05 - 22:30:09

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Got some bad news to deliver. Just 30 minutes ago, when I was trying to visit one of my favorite sites, I saw a page telling me they,, have folded. :( And like they are saying, it was a good time while it lasted and I hope they get back some day. And obviously they linked to our site which means this community will hopefully grow bigger since it now is the largest (that I know of) kz-community.


the forum has been reseted, please post post post and fill the forums ;)
main language: english!


They will be back, only thing is that they are waiting for a new design. I hve no information of when they are coming back but I hope it will be soon. And I also hope that we won't see more of these kind of news in the future.

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