News: Happy birthday FikoN :D

02/06/05 - 17:30:54

Written by: OddYsseus

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

FikoN has a birthday today!
Congratz to your 14th birthday m8 :)


01/06/05 - 22:30:09

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Got some bad news to deliver. Just 30 minutes ago, when I was trying to visit one of my favorite sites, I saw a page telling me they,, have folded. :( And like they are saying, it was a good time while it lasted and I hope they get back some day. And obviously they linked to our site which means this community will hopefully grow bigger since it now is the largest (that I know of) kz-community.


the forum has been reseted, please post post post and fill the forums ;)
main language: english!


They will be back, only thing is that they are waiting for a new design. I hve no information of when they are coming back but I hope it will be soon. And I also hope that we won't see more of these kind of news in the future.

News: Seven demos

29/05/05 - 20:59:26

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello. Seems like people has become crazy about breaking records. So here you are, six new demos today too(or maybe it was eight yesterday? :/). Millet kicked out arF and Alts!cH from the top5 recordrank.

sn_noobbean done in 2:47
sn_checkclimb done in 4:53
kz_goldenbean_200401 done in 4:48
kz_giantbean_b15(1337trees) done in 1:54

sn_noobbean_2 done in 4:46

zr_hetablock done in 6:18

I'll be away from my beloved computer Monday and Tuesday because of a schooltrip. I'm leaving early tomorrow (12.00. Hey, at least it's early for a gamer :)) and I'll get back at Wednesday. See you guys then! And hf with braking records.


sn_centerpoint_twr done in 3:40

News: New demo

27/05/05 - 15:12:41

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hi. My first news ever :O

I made a demo of nasa some time ago. It's like a month old but I never submitted it, can't really remember why I didn't... The demo is downloadable on the link under this text and, of course, on the demos-page. Enough said. Have fun watching. :)

kz_man_nasa done in 2:08 by FikoN

4knuk made a new record, too.

sn_noobbean done in 3:37 by 4knuk

some of you asked me where you can download the sn_ maps..

all sn_maps can be downloaded at -link-

News: changes on our page

27/05/05 - 00:22:04

Written by: ernstaugust

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

hi guys

more and more demos are now in our demo section, it will be finished tomorrow :)

and just have a look to the right :D


the demo page is finally completed :D
thanks to the upload skills by FikoN
and the hours of typ work by Target-

i also added 1 new demo to the demo page:

kz_man_eztemple done in 06:13 by Target-

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