News: New Demos :)

17/06/05 - 10:58:55

Written by: ernstaugust

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

hi guys,

a few more record demos by..

clintmo_bhopriver in 00:28
kz_beachmountain in 05:03
kz_ezalpin in 03:52
sn_ezycity in 02:53

kz_wsp_snowbeach in 07:11

clintmo_bhopwarehouse in 00:29

good job m8s :)
you can download the demos in our demo-section!

you can't submit your apply as admin anymore!

the admin-crew will vote the admins, but they are detached so don't be angry when they don't vote for you, and you won't become an admin, thanks

decision: saturday 6pm!

News: Happy Birthday

17/06/05 - 00:03:24

Written by: tarGet

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Happy Birthday To U..
Happy Birthday To U..
Happy Birthday dear OddYsseus
Happy Birthday To U !!

congratz with your 18th birthday m8.. n1n1 xD

the XJ-CreW

News: Happy Birthday

16/06/05 - 21:51:32

Written by: steve

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

And again we have a new Birthday to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Ted to your 17th Birthday. One year left and we can go to teh casino :DDD

Have fun today ur XJ crew.

News: we are searching for new admins

13/06/05 - 14:03:11

Written by: ernstaugust

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

hi guys

the admin-crew of #xtreme-jumps decided to give some users a chance to become an admin of our kreedz community.

now, how can you make an application? it's easy!

just send an email to -email- with the following facts of you:

- your nickname
- your email-adress
- your age (we dont make a difference between 12 and 20, it's just that we know..)
- why should we choose you

for example: an email can look like this

nickname: ernstaugust
email: -email-
age: 16
why?: cause Im t3h ubergamer with t3h micro and stuff, you know? right!

go go go :)

you can submit your mails until Friday 6pm! The new admins will be chosen at saturday 6pm!


Update 2
asix has a birthday today. happy birthday to u asix :D

Update 3
Some minutes ago i reached the end of a new map which was done by kimo! :)
Its a very nice map which has some really nice bhop parts in it, you may know such bhop parts from the minimap in courtyard(ez).
Gimme teh_shit and stuff :D

News: Interview with SoUlFaThEr about kzmod

12/06/05 - 19:17:27

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ


SoUlFaThEr tipped us about an interview with him some hours ago in the chatbox. After reading it and a small suggestion from SoUlFaThEr I decided to post it as a news to make more people notice the interview. SoUlFaThEr posted the whole interview himself in our forum a while ago since most people here, I assume, are not registered on and can't reach the whole interview, only a small part of it.

The interview gives you a good picture about who SoUlFaThEr really is and it also informs very well about how the kzmod developing is going. It's a quite long interview because of SoUlFaThEr's long answers, but that only makes the interview more interesting, doesn't it? :)

If you would like to read the interview on you should follow this link. And if you would rather read it in our forum you should click here.

The official irc-channel for kzmod is #kzmod and their homepage can be found trough this link. You can find several pictures on maps and tools and info about the crew etc. on their homepage. So take a look on it if your interested.

Have fun reading the interview. :)

News: New maps!

09/06/05 - 18:52:39

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hi! :)

Seven new maps has been released! We have no download links on this website since we don't have enough traffic allowed going on our FTP, but you can find all the new maps on have to be registered). We will hopefully have the new maps on our website soon too.

kz_beachmountain by rad0n - Rated average
kz_cornsilo by rad0n - Rated average
kz_ezalpin by Guardix - Rated easy to average
kz_alpin by Guardix - Rated average to hard
kz_cellblock_hard by Millet - Rated average to extreme
kz_ea_harbor by -ovi- - Rated average to hard

And the seventh map is made by five different people. They all made one room each based on 5 trees (as you might can be able to understand from the mapname) and they put teleports between the rooms. It's rated easy to hard.
kz_5trees by SoUlFaThEr, MuskaOtik, Guardix, Chatoune, rad0n

Keep the maps coming mappers :)

1 2 3 ... 350 351 352 ... 355 356 357