News: Happy new year!

31/12/04 - 19:25:21

Written by: asix

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

We, the #Xtreme-Jumps team wishes you a happy new year!

And a healthy and also a lucky year 2005!

News: #Xtreme-Jumps proudly presents kz_man_deathhill

25/12/04 - 02:33:18

Written by: xeRox

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

- 6 months development time
- long conferences
- continuous reprogramming

But now the time has finally come....
.... The first #Xtreme-Jumps Jumpmap is released


U can download it at

News: Merry Christmas !!!

24/12/04 - 01:21:08

Written by: xeRox

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

The whole #Xtreme-Jumps team wishes you Merry Christmas :)
We hope that all of you will get a lot of nice presents from the guy below :D

News: kz_man_nasa out

20/12/04 - 12:58:39

Written by: steve

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Xtreme-Jumps Misc

Hi Guys

There is 1 new kz map out in easy and hard version...

... kz_man_nasa and kz_man_eznasa

This map is based on low gravity and some vehicles.

You can play the easy map on our Easy to Average Server

Hf with this new shit

Download @ -link-

News: B-Day

18/12/04 - 11:54:40

Written by: Bl4ck

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Xtreme-Jumps Misc

Happy Birthday ev0` *tröööööt*

Jaja , auch die evos werden älter :D

Ich wünsch dir vom ganzen xtj team alles gute zum 23 burzeltag.

Feier heute schön und nit so viel na, du weisst schon, trinken halt :D

News: Forum

17/12/04 - 20:32:34

Written by: Bl4ck

Comments: 15

Xtreme-Jumps Misc

The Forum is now opened.

Gl and Hf in it :)

News: #xTj-Radio is online ! :)

15/12/04 - 09:11:21

Written by: xeRox

Comments: 17

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

U want to listen to good music ?
U love to climb kz maps ?

Hmmmm... I think...
U need our radio :)

Music... results of jumpcups... and many more :)

The #Xtreme-Jumps Radio is online.

Mods are :


Have fun and stay with us @ #xTj-Radio

Listen to #xTj-Radio

#xTj-Radio is presented and sponsored by the admins of #Xtreme-Jumps

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