News: Demo Rollbacks + Banishments

12/05/19 - 23:54:01

Written by: Fiveshot

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Xtreme-Jumps Misc

Hello everyone,

Originaly wrote by Country: Ukraine FAME, we present you a news that is about a few demo rollbacks but also about some new players that got banned...


nl tarGet

kz_cg_lost_castle done in 04:22.13 ( 03:36.49 rs sparkEE )
Reason: You are not allowed to pull any levers before pressing the start button.

ar emmalahana

ins_axn_tooncastle done in 00:51.70 ( 00:48.07 be badgamer )
Reason: You are not allowed to save start position inside the room that pushes you out.

ru jigsaw

kz_man_alienbase[-md] done in 06:02.95 ( 05:18.06 ru jigsaw )
Reason: Illegal start position; all objects and triggers must be in their default state before you press the start button.


Country: China Sharks Warned: Demo uploading ban due to cheating on Cosy-Climbing - permanently banned from submitting demos due to cheating on Cosy-Climbing.


Country: China MetamorPhose^_x Permanently banned - permanently banned for submitting cheated demos using a fake account
(Country: China Thisone Permanently banned).


Back when Country: China Zzz` Permanently banned was banned for cheating, his demos were not removed. Now that rules have changed and the fact that he continues cheating on allied community, all of his remaining demos get removed.

Show removed demos

Unknown n/a

kz_ins_2ndbhop done in **:**.** ( 05:27.34 cn Zzz` )

cn rOboTaa

kz_man_deathhill done in 02:11.58 ( 01:47.13 cn Zzz` )

ar Aguslash

rpz_downfall[boxes_full] done in 00:22.79 ( 00:22.13 cn Zzz` )


News: Rest in peace, Denis 'FAME' Petrenko

08/05/19 - 07:11:40

Written by: fykseN

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Dear community,

As many of you already know now, we suffered a serious loss.
Country: Ukraine Denis 'FAME' Petrenko, passed away between the 27th and 28th of April, at the age of 28...
Denis was a true pillar of many communities. We will remember him as helpful, kind and hard working person.
A friend, an authority. An exceptional player, the well of knowledge. Someone who never gave an incomplete answer to your questions. As his friend "allejack" pointed out, FAME always had a lot of passion for our community, and that he wanted to help us grow. This tragic situation brought us all back together, and together we mourn...

Let the earth be light to you. We loved you. Rest in peace, Denis.

Deeply yours,

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News: ROTW #217 - fykseN on kz_construction

01/05/19 - 00:12:08

Written by: e107

Comments: 18

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW


We've had quite a contingent the last release: shNz's merciless comeback along with fykseN's undoubtable fit to the #1 position, ruperto's kicking into the recording with an unordinary record on the very MIR, et cetera.

akkord in the comments wrote ...


Of all them, we've decided to feature fykseN's kz_construction - the map that was tricky enough to say "No" to shooting-star, but fykseN was stubborn enough to ignore that!

Before the record's success, there is a story behind:

Basically, the map has two shortcuts: the one countjump akkord did not take and the slide-up he, at the time, was the only one capable of. fykseN kept coming back to the map but coulnd't find the right approach to the latter shortcut. He proceed by asking help from fellow kreedzers, sliders: "...but they struggled on it as well. It was absurd." At that point the chance of WR was reduced to pure luck.

Until MEEL found a way with a great success rate on it - that opened the gate for fykseN! "Then it took me only one session to record the whole run, thanks to him.". When the deed was done, fykseN marked it with an immense homage to the pioneer and left the record there, only God knows for how long. Now, take a moment to taste all of it.

beat my construction

On the movie wheel there is his fellow kzsk mate this time! Blackelf is coherent in his process, as always. You can also see a bit of some glossiness on the materials, which is a novelty he brought for us. Can any of you guess the technique?

In sum, this is your ROTW #217, enjoy!

Featuring: Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder
Map: kz_construction
Time: 03:08.39 (-00:09.39)
Previous holder: Country: Latvia akkord CS 1.6 Recordholder
Moviemaker: Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker

YouTube Link
WR Release #741

Sincerely yours,

News: WR Release #741 - 58 New World Records

21/04/19 - 23:21:54

Written by: Fiveshot

Comments: 89

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ar Aguslash

ccn_abysm2 done in 02:52.91 ( 03:22.74 ru GoDfreee )
kz_stealthhangar done in 03:05.45 ( 03:10.24 cz shooting-star )
kz_tbt_nonentity done in 03:20.30 ( 03:23.16 cz shooting-star )
risk_ministry[full] done in 02:08.05 ( 02:08.26 ru Toffifee )

bg shNz

cg_islands done in 00:53.31 ( 00:54.43 ru Dolphin )
clintmo_bhopwarehouse done in 00:20.53 ( 00:20.60 kr LeblE )
kz_cfl_mountainchurch[full] done in 01:12.55 ( 01:14.22 ar rawe )
kz_cg_nightcastle done in 05:18.47 ( 05:24.39 cn rOboTaa )
kz_cg_xtremedesert done in 03:05.59 ( 03:08.18 ru Dolphin )
kz_deathvalley[full] done in 02:08.89 ( 02:17.86 ru Toffifee )
kz_ea_desert done in 01:43.93 ( 01:45.47 cz fykseN )
kz_excavation done in 03:09.23 ( 03:10.80 ar Cupe )
kz_kzdk_droughthop done in 02:12.07 ( 02:12.79 kr lambdaaa )
kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[-1337] done in 03:21.54 ( 03:22.32 fi Flibo )
kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 06:22.29 ( 06:23.90 cz shooting-star )
kz_kzsca_hell done in 01:52.01 ( 01:54.97 ru Dolphin )
kz_kzsca_research done in 02:17.27 ( 02:20.81 cz fykseN )
kz_kzsca_still done in 01:46.26 ( 01:46.77 ru Dolphin )
kz_kzse_marsh done in 01:23.17 ( 01:24.05 cz shooting-star )
kz_kzus_mountaincrest done in 05:16.61 ( 05:21.62 at volte )
kz_megabhop done in 01:29.67 ( 01:30.62 ru Dolphin )
kz_shrubhop_h done in 01:10.17 ( 01:12.10 bg p0ker )
kzarg_infinitefall done in 01:48.02 ( 01:48.26 cn fanzeng )
slD_bside_winter done in 01:09.49 ( 01:10.20 cz shooting-star )

cz fykseN

cg_lighthops done in 01:56.85 ( 01:58.11 bg shNz )
communityblock_outtakes done in 04:11.35 ( 04:14.38 fr g-Lp )
kz_adventure2 done in 04:38.98 ( 04:40.73 se LEWLY )
kz_aztecblock_b02 done in 03:30.77 ( 03:34.08 ar CaBeZa )
kz_construction done in 03:08.39 ( 03:17.78 lv akkord )
kz_ea_oldgraveyard done in 01:01.19 ( 01:01.84 bg shNz )
kz_kzsca_ancestry done in 03:27.64 ( 03:27.81 cn rOboTaa )
kz_rd_oldmine done in 04:24.99 ( 04:27.67 ru Toffifee )
kz_toon_underground done in 03:32.45 ( 03:37.08 se kayne )
ytt_wow_mix done in 03:41.35 ( 03:47.87 bg klinch )

cz ChiChiN

ckz_corsair done in 03:23.58 ( 03:35.92 rs winAmp )

tn HaMMa

kz_aztec done in 04:55.14 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar emmalahana

kz_bhopwarehouse done in 00:07.54 ( 00:07.58 be badgamer )
kz_man_bhopdesert[-boost] done in 00:02.48 ( 00:02.60 ar rawe )
kz_man_bhopdesert done in 00:00.38 ( 00:00.39 fr toytoy )
kz_man_bhopforest done in 00:05.61 ( 00:05.67 be badgamer )
kz_man_bhopocean[-boost] done in 00:04.13 ( 00:04.39 ar emmalahana )
kz_man_bhopsnow[-boost] done in 00:03.08 ( 00:03.16 ar emmalahana )
kz_man_bhopsnow done in 00:00.39 ( 00:00.40 fr toytoy )
rpz_downfall[boxes] done in 00:05.10 ( 00:05.11 cn Tz )

ru Toffifee

kz_cg_lavacliff done in 02:22.68 ( 02:27.73 cz fykseN )

ro Spider1

kz_cosy_communityblock done in 10:36.40 ( 10:38.03 ro Spider1 )
kz_xj_experience done in 07:49.23 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar PepoMerca

kz_gigacave done in 05:48.39 ( 06:43.41 tn HaMMa )

ar zuurdo

kz_hollywood_ez done in 03:09.53 ( 03:28.32 ua 1111 )

ru GoDfreee

kz_kzdk_oldtemple done in 07:55.21 ( 08:08.32 cz shooting-star )
nobkz_mst_honduras done in 12:46.82 ( 12:50.93 cn R300K )

ar ruperto

kz_kzru_MIR done in 11:22.99 ( 13:46.88 by throttle )

ru Dolphin

kz_megabhop_hard done in 01:30.63 ( 01:31.67 bg shNz )
kzsca_brickvalley done in 02:01.52 ( 02:02.30 cz fykseN )


kzra_rocky[hole] done in 04:29.61 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

pl memek

kzse_bhopblock[full] done in 01:45.16 ( 01:56.22 ru misti )

bg transcendence

mls_pcm_frozenvalley done in 02:28.27 ( 02:40.40 ar zuurdo )

fr g-Lp

radon_desertpassage done in 01:27.83 ( 01:29.49 cz fykseN )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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News: XJ Premiere: ARISE by Thunder

18/04/19 - 02:13:06

Written by: Nubz

Comments: 42

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Good evening XJ!

Today I am proud to post my debut news for the Xtreme-Jumps community! As some of you might have already noticed from the spoiler trailer Country: Poland CyniuThunder Moviemaker posted: It's movie time again! What a rare thing to have new movies so often these days.

The movie itself was a process I would say. Country: Poland CyniuThunder Moviemaker having high drive for editing but not receiving enough demos from trickjumpers. Funny, right? At least I am used to the golden years of trickjumping (2010-2013) when there were often even good demos as leftovers. Gladly Invalid user stepped in and shared his collection of various unseen demos to fill the movie up to its full length.

ARISE contains demos from 12 players. You will see different styles of creative trickjumps geeked in standard and kreedz maps. Country: Poland CyniuThunder Moviemaker himself managed to create a classic clean edit that stays loyal to the drum and bass rhythm and damn I love the vibes in it! The movie follows through three tracks that builds up the atmosphere just perfectly towards the end.

Without further info just lay back and enjoy this rare piece of art!

YouTube Link
Video Link

XJ Staff

News: Map Release: 3 New Maps

14/04/19 - 21:55:09

Written by: KarLi

Comments: 20

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hello there!

This weekend, we decided to release 3 new maps to XJ!

kz_1man_game2 by Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper
Challenge: Hard/Extreme
Type: Climb/Bhop/Technical
Trailer: Youtube Link
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3

kz_aztec by Country: Slovakia maiLyy Mapper
Challenge: Average/Hard
Type: Climb/Bhop
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3

kzra_rocky by Country: Romania Spider1 Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder
Challenge: Easy/Average
Type: Climb/Slide
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3
(This map has another route called kzra_rocky[hole])

Thanks to everybody for making this release happen.
Mappers, XJ Staff, Map Team and everyone else...


XJ Mapcheck Team

News: XJ Premiere: Sunako - Precision

07/04/19 - 16:36:56

Written by: hoLy

Comments: 36

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Hey XJ!

We have something for you! Something is... first XJ Premiere in a while. Let's get acquainted with the facts:

This is Country: Hong Kong Sunako KZMod Recordholder's first movie, which he carried on his shoulders for a long time, while seeking for a moviemaker to be "just right".
His trickjumping, in a sense, was heavily influenced by his background as he is known to play mostly hard maps,
so he likes to take heavier weapons to add challenge to his trickjumps, that is his method!
And then! Precision is the most important thing when it comes to hard maps!

This is also a first for Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker. He used to dwell in the seas of map teasers, run clips and other, TJ being a foreign playground to him - but he managed his experiment really well! He had minor issues to his last clips,
he handled them just well this time though!
One of the interesting technical aspects is that in this work, Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker merges in-game shots with some cgi shots, like the one in the intro with inferno in spotlights, which only takes the experience further!

Sweet colors grading, Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker's usual rock fashion, Country: Hong Kong Sunako KZMod Recordholder's sharp trickjumps! Have fun!

YouTube Link
Original File

The staff

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