News: ROTW #199 - promax on kzru_pharaonrun

04/03/18 - 09:16:24

Written by: shooting-star

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello community,

The ongoing change affected ROTWs as well. From now on, you will have an opportunity to read more about the chosen record. See the extended newspost for an interview!

It’s my pleasure to present you the XJ newcomer Country: Serbia promax beating a very well-known map, kzru_pharaonrun. This map is a combination of bhop and longjumps and because of it’s complexity it earned attention of former top1 players, namely Country: Bulgaria shNz and Country: Finland KeltA; one of them is our star's idol as well.

While beating the map without a single fail, Country: Serbia promax performs longjumps you don't really see often in WR runs. He is a man of ambition, read the enclosed interview yourself!

Featuring: Country: Serbia promax
Map: kzru_pharaonrun
Realtime: 01:37.52 (-00:00.48)
Previous holder: Country: Brazil soniizin
Moviemaker: Country: China kawai Moviemaker

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This ROTW covers the WR Release #724.

XJ Team

As stated, we bring you an interview with the star of this ROTW. Let me present you Country: Serbia promax!

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Hello promax. How are you? What are you doing at the moment?

Country: Serbia promax: Hello shooting-star,im doing fine thanks for asking :D well im playing gwent atm and just chilling :D

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: As for me, I saw your activity on cosy-climbing, but I don’t know you at all. Who are you?

Country: Serbia promax: First i started playing deathrun for fun with friends :D it was rly fun i mean i didnt know how to avoid traps etc and then i saw video named shNz vs cordyline and i was like wow :D i want to be like shNz so i started playing kz and i mostly played kz for fun :D i dont record much but like i said friend told me i should try some xj record and i did :D

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: When did you start playing kreedz?

Country: Serbia promax: i started playing kreedz around 2011

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: You stunned XJ with your record on kzru_pharaonrun. Can you tell us the background of the recording procces? (e.g. how long did it take, road to success)

Country: Serbia promax: yea sure,so i started recording kzru pharaonrun maybe like 3 weeks ago :D first i started recording it for 20 mins max a day,and i was failing a LOT on duck part so i made a break about 1 week and a half,then since my friend was motivating me,hello Adri btw :D,i started to record it for about 4 hours a day and eventually i beated it,i think the record could be improved by 1 sec or more,but thats my opinion :D

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Will you continue recording on XJ?

Country: Serbia promax: im planning do to some more xj records

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Can you reveal more?

Country: Serbia promax: i only have 3 maps in my mind right now :D cg_wildwesthop,i think you are holder on this one :D prochallenge_speed and maybe bkz_goldbhop,bkz_goldbhop was one of my first maps i ever played so i would like to be a record holder someday :D but that will be hard :D

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Wow that are some ambitions! Keep it up man, hope to see you more at the frontpage. Salute

Country: Serbia promax: Thank you man i will :D cheers