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Hello XJ!

Today is the day when interview with Country: Russia qui. first sees the daylight. I want to sincerely apologize to him that it took so long.

The interview originates from June 2017, when I beat qsk_azure-2 for the first time. At that time, I was really focused on beating Country: Russia qui.'s works one by one. While doing so, stunned, I started to be interested in the mapper himself. I really enjoyed interviewing him and I believe you will enjoy reading it no less than me!

Please, read the extended newspost to find out more about Country: Russia qui.!

Best regards,
shooting-star and the team

Date: 12th June 2017
Interviewer: Country: Czech Republic shooting-star CS 1.6 Recordholder
Interviewee: Country: Russian Federation qui Mapper
Big thanks to Country: United States Fantasm for help!

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: What’s up qui, how are you?

Country: Russia qui.: I'm anxious, but fine.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: The Kreedz community knows you to be quite an innovative mapper. Could you give us an overview of who you are outside of mapping?

Country: Russia qui.: Denis, 25. Somehow got my bachelors as a school teacher. Introverted alcoholic (almost), which helps with mapping quite a bit.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Is that your primary inspiration, alcohol?

Country: Russia qui.: Inspiration comes from being dissatisfied with all the maps I check. And from all the different things in the outside world.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Before we proceed to the mapping part of this interview, let's take it from the beginning. I've seen you around since I arrived on the scene in 2009 or so. I'm guessing you had been introduced to Kreedz even earlier than that. How did your journey begin exactly?

Country: Russia qui.: Hmm, I think it was around 2007 or 2008. I was playing classic 1.6 back then, and there was this guy named Frail (thank you man!) who introduced me to Kreedz and gave me brief tutorial on strafes and bhopping. Since then I've played both types of 1.6, slowly gravitating towards Kreedz. There was one Russian server, where I met Borjomi (may be somewhat of a familiar nickname to some) and learned a lot from him, becoming decent at the game. Then I learned of XJ, kzru, etc.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Soon it will be 10 years since you began then! It seems that you've learned to KZ in a serious way, which brings about the next thing I was wondering: what is your actual skill level? Outside of your mapping, I've never seen or heard of you playing the game. I assumed you had to at least know the basics in order to test your maps.

Country: Russia qui.: Well, I had some (close to 20?) records at kzru before it had been hard reset. I was decent, maybe even good with checkpoints, but my nerves always got the better of me when recording. I was and am always the first and best tester of my maps, and I've never made a jump or combo that I couldn't do myself.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: There are quite a lot of specialty techniques that need to be learned in order to pass any of your maps, and they are challenging even to the best of us; respect. As you stated earlier, you found a lot of the community's maps to be “dissatisfying”. Can you elaborate more on when you decided to first create your own map?

Country: Russia qui.: When you get the hang of the techniques that exist and the basic ideas that mappers often use (in terms of jumps), you can sometimes be dissatisfied with the way the mappers spend their time with the map. You can enjoy the visuals (to some extent, the engine is sooo outdated), but you often have to jump through minutes of the same repetitive stuff. I can't pinpoint the exact time when I started thinking about mapping, maybe in late 2010. It is always there when you're an experienced player, I think. You can always see things to change that would make the map more enjoyable.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: That's an inspirational answer. And thanks to you, I didn't have a lack of challenging jumps at all. Actually, I had made a bunch of Kreedz maps as well, but it was never quite as satisfying as climbing to me. As a former mapper myself I have to ask: how many classic or fun maps did you make before your first Kreedz style map?

Country: Russia qui.: I've only made Kreedz maps, so zero. It wasn't worth my time and I didn't have enough understanding of other gameplay types to make something.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: I bet there aren't many mappers who would make such well-designed maps without previous experience. Most of your maps are unofficial even though their quality is exceptional in my opinion. I had also noticed in your map qsk_iteratio you wrote: "I really hope this one won't be nominated on XJ". Is there something that discourages you from submitting maps to xtreme-jumps?

Country: Russia qui.: XJ is always changing kz_ tag and custom standards, and the level of my maps are sometimes a problem with these standards. Also, I didn't think my maps were worthy of XJ back then and I was a bit too prideful I guess (I still am). Oh, and I was also annoyed with the whole public vote system (abuse), even if it made me more popular and known.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Yeah, it seems like the staff has tried everything at some point, but a lot of good changes have been made somewhat recently. What is your opinion about the current map checking process?

Country: Russia qui.: Just think, what's the most discouraging thing for the mapper? For me, it's waiting until your map is released and becomes knows to the public. And don't even get me started on the ever-changing map admin crew and XJ map standards. While understandable, it drives me wild sometimes.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Yes, this is something I've noticed myself. I can imagine a wait-time of half a year can even make someone want to quit. If you think the main problem with the whole system is the delay during the time from submission to release, I think that could be easily reduced. Let's hope for improvement :) Let me ask: what would you say is your best map?

Country: Russia qui.: We can sure hope. I make my maps so that any time you ask what the best one is, the answer will be: the last one released. So qsk_over, for today.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: I personally wouldn't be able to even answer that last question. Every map of yours is special and enjoyable to me in its own way. So, what can we expect from qsk_over?

Country: Russia qui.: Expect to spend hours learning it. I asked myself if I could make something interesting off of basic things like usual climb parts and classic bhop blocks (silent nod to muJik). Hopefully it's good enough to make you try.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: By the sounds of that it seems like it will feature something you haven't tried before until now, nice. Can't wait to play it! So now I have to ask, what would you say is your worst map? According to your own formula, I guess it would be your first one, but even though I know mostly all of your maps quite well, I can't figure this question out.

Country: Russia qui.: Ha, my first map is lost (thank god). That would be the worst. As for released maps, probably qsk_etude-2; the experiment went wrong. Or my map qsk_still because of the shortcut.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Looks like I've guessed correctly. Did you know that qsk_etude-2 is actually the only map of yours which I never learned?
On to shortcuts. It's no secret that your maps contain numbers of them, and that are not entirely noticeable unless you take a deeper look. How does it feel when you learn that somebody has discovered a major shortcut which skips over the best part of your map? kz_tbt_nonentity comes to mind right now; do you think that map should offer a [-MD] way?

Country: Russia qui.: It feels like a punch in the dick. At least you have only one dick, so it kinda becomes numb after few times, so there's that. About [-MD], it's not for me to decide, and _nonentity is kind of an okay-ish one in terms of the shortcut. I can live with my mistakes.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Who are the best mappers of all times? Offer us the names of some mappers who you would suggest for people to look into.

Country: Russia qui.: radon, Chrizzy, muJik, Timmycakes, Spr1n, puppetZ (yes), dydka, qui, many others I've forgotten.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Before we segue to the next segment of this interview, is there anything you would like to say to other mappers?


Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: I think it is becoming clear what matters most to you in all of this: the quality of a map's jumps, and being a challenge to the player. In regards to how players performed on your own maps, are you satisfied with the current world records?

Country: Russia qui.: I am satisfied that there are records but I'm kind of dissatisfied that you are the holder of most of them. I want competition :D

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: That's a good point. The only player that would battle me on Cosy was Berkut. As far as I can see, your maps are still very popular for online competition, as they've all really drawn a lot of players to my servers since they are not that hard in terms of power techniques (longjumping, bhopping), you just have to know the method. Talking about cosy-limbing, there are lots of talented players who are clearly able to beat my 2013-2014 times without much effort. Why do you think they don't go for more records? The competition on XJ must be satisfying for you- especially with the recent kz_dare battle between myself and throttle. That must have been something for you.

Country: Russia qui.: Its always fun to see your maps beaten. It gives motivation to do more mapping related things. As for records, you have to invest quite some time to learn the map and the techniques needed to even try to record it. Also, there are too many maps and too few players capable. It might change some day, but I wouldn't be too hopeful.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: I really hope for that too. Even though it feels so bad when someone beats my record that I thought was good in my eyes, there is always something positive about seeing improvement where you thought it was impossible. Recently, the qsk_azure-2 world record was beaten. I must say that I really enjoyed every minute of recording it because of the specific challenges and the design itself. Could you tell us something more about this masterpiece of a map?

Country: Russia qui.: It was too long ago to remember much, but it wasn't meant to be recorded at all. The structure was meant to make people think it was a proper record-able map, but I pushed the limits quite a bit back then, and I never thought it'd be recorded someday- so congrats on that. Now go improve that time so people can watch the unedited run :p. And yes, I'm really glad someone took the time to geek it to that level, thank you.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Thanks to you, too. I follow a personal policy of recording a map again once my record is beaten. Even though I really enjoyed playing it, it was quite a challenge for me to finish and I think I'm going to have to take a break. But, never say never :)

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: qsk_ease is probably the hardest map you have released. Do you expect it to be ever have its own world record?

Country: Russia qui.: Nope. And _over should be harder with checkpoints than _ease. At least I hope so.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: After seeing the 4-minute checkpoint run by nike, I actually think _ease can be recorded if geeked, but overall I think I've got to agree with you that it will not be.

Country: Russia qui.: I sure hope someone can prove me wrong on that.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: So this newest map of yours; are we to expect it will be your most challenging to date? It will be possible to finish, right?

Country: Russia qui.: Nothing impossible here. _over is balanced for no-checking, so yeah, I hope someone will spend hours on it and will record it. Maybe I'm overestimating my own skill and the map is easy.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: We can only hope someone will be up for the challenge. We're coming toward the close of this interview. What are your plans for the future in the realm of KZ?

Country: Russia qui.: To keep my position of silent lurker and casual player. I'll be there for some time, but it is unlikely that you will see more maps from me. Who knows though, I've been saying that for more than two years and there are still new things associated with my name. Just don't expect much.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Hope for everything, expect nothing. I had a nice time interviewing you, thank you for your time and in answering all my questions. Is there anyone you would like to shout out?

Country: Russia qui.: Thank you. Cheers to you, DarkZero, muJik, orG, to Berkut/Adantoud, to radon for inspiration, to spr1n for being the good guy, to Psyxopat for giving me access to some nice experiences, and to many more.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and stories, it has been a pleasure. I wish you the best in everything you do!

Country: Russia qui.: It was pretty fun. Thank you for spending the time on this.