News: ROTW #202 - surRendi on kz_42_amazon + Interview

05/04/18 - 16:08:54

Written by: shooting-star

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello community,

Here we are, the time when another ROTW comes to light. The last release brought some masterpieces, but one of them is a record on map so special, that it makes it outstanding. Guess what, after a long time we have a map made by Country: Canada Kreedz himself in ROTW! Like this wasn't enough, one of the most specific shortucts to be found in combination with great climbing pass has been done in a way our world didn't see before. Did you know that a run kz_42_amazon was actually Country: Brazil surRendi's first WR? This and more in a mini-interview in the extended newspost.

Featuring: Country: Brazil surRendi
Map: kz_42_amazon
Realtime: 02:28.26 (-00:04.57)
Previous holder: Country: Czech Republic shooting-star

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Best regards,

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Hello Country: Brazil surRendi. How are you doing these days?

Country: Brazil surRendi: Hello! Everything is pretty well around here, good things at work, good things in kz. Nothing to complain about. :)

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: You haven't been around for quite a while and now you come stronger than before. What happened?

Country: Brazil surRendi: That, as soon as I hit 18/19 y/o, real-life obligations took me from the gaming scene. I started engeneering college, internship and extra curricular studies, amongst other things that took all my free time, and that lasted for about 6 years. I did not forget Kreedz, though. I was Always trying to visit XJ to see the new players, map times (only old ones, the new ones I do not know haha) and rankings. It is certainly the most addicting game to me, and that is what pushed me to the limit to compete at a high level. Now Im 25 y/o, already graduated, and working, I managed to find some extra time, so Im able to play and record as I Always like to.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Last release you made some stunning improves on ph_k_after and kz_42_amazon. Can you tell us more about background of these demos?

Country: Brazil surRendi: I'm glad you liked it! The ph_k_after map is amazing, the futuristic atmosphere and the architecture captivate me, as well as all the space well used by the mappers, where I use the same room more than once to complete the run, besides that, the previous record holder Country: Brazil zenkz, did not complete a crucial shortcut in his race, which helped me. As for kz_42_amazon, I remember the first time, back in 2010, when I watched the Country: Germany MalaKa’s demo on this map. Dude, I was mesmerized with the incredible SC. I decided that this would be my first record and about 2 weeks later I was able to beat it. Now 8 years later and after many frustrating attempts, I could get it back on a good run. I think kz_42_amazon will be the only map that I'll do anything to keep (man, it was love at first sight).

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Thanks to you, XJ can see the flag of Brazil again. Although kz-brazil still works, it was rather rare to see a Brazilian player on XJ. Why is that?

Country: Brazil surRendi: That's right, I missed that flag too. As soon as I stopped, Country: Brazil Aloprando continued competing at a high level and managed to keep it in new releases, but with his retirement, things slowed down for brazilian kreedz. I believe that the deficit of Brazilian players in kz was due to the arrival of the CSGO. The game became very popular in Brazil and so many Brazilians migrated to the game and consequently servers of kz were extinguished, hindering the gameplay of the way by new players. As for, luckily we have Country: Brazil Rapha, creator of the website and great motivator of surf and kz in the country. He still makes the releases and pushes the players to record more demos.

Country: Czech Republic shooting-star: Will we see more of your effort in the future? What's next?

Country: Brazil surRendi: I believe so, as long as life allows me some free time to practice I want to be recording and improving in the game, even if just for fun. Last but not least, I would like to thank you for the interview and the motivators for my return: my family kz.random (Country: Czech Republic fykseN, Country: France WOOF, Country: Czech Republic shooting-star ...) and Country: Brazil Rapha for doing what he does for KZBR.