News: LJ Update 2018

17/08/18 - 17:52:13

Written by: FAME

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

You have been waiting for this for a long time and now it is time to present you LJ release with demos submitted during the last couple of years.

New entries:

257 units by Country: Sweden propane Silver Donator (Distance: 257.766 / Jumpoff: 0.320 / Landing: 0.446)

273 units by Country: Korea, Republic of Seoul (Distance: 274.300 / Jumpoff: 0.938 / Landing: 0.362)

Worth mentioning: (demos that are not good enough for top5)

247 bhop by Country: Korea, Republic of Seoul (Distance: 247.972 / Jumpoff: 0.508 / Landing: 0.464)
257 lj by Country: China vLy (Distance: 257.370 / Jumpoff: 0.000 / Landing: 0.370)
257 lj by Country: United States staNioN` (Distance: 257.495 / Jumpoff: 0.438 / Landing: 0.057)
257 ljbw by Country: Sweden propane Silver Donator (Distance: 257.620 / Jumpoff: 0.313 / Landing: 0.307)

You can download all demos in a single archive by clicking here

Best regards,
XJ Staff

Read the extended news post for demos that were rejected.
274_dcj_sakiko - multi account of Country: Sweden Nikita Permanently banned who is banned for cheating

Country: Korea, Republic of Sakiko Permanently banned receives permanent ban with removal of all demos.