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05/12/19 - 22:59:22

Written by: fykseN

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Good evening XJ!

Finally I had the honor with legendary Country: Brazil aloprando CS 1.6 Recordholder himself. He uncovered some things you could miss and we also took a small trip down the memory lane. Full interview in extended newspost.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Hello aloprando! First of all things - happy birthday! How are you feeling today?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Hello fykseN, thank you very much! I'm feeling very happy, I'm spending my birthday with family, girlfriend, a cake and lots of sweets.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Whoa, feels lucky to even have an interview with you on such a special occasion. I'm pretty sure that life is treating you well! Can I ask you for a little introduction?

Country: Brazil aloprando: My name is Daniel Villano, I just turned 25. In college I was studying journalism but I eventually stopped. At the moment I work in an Australian company as a home office webmaster JR.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Did you feel like journalism was not the right path for you?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Not quite, when I was going through some difficult times, I ran out of money to continue my course and I had to stop. Now that I am getting things back in tracks and stabilizing myself, I started thinking about trying it again. I'm just wondering if it would be journalism or something else.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: I'm sure that many people in the community will relate to such situation. Finding stability is after all a notable problem of our generation. Hopefully the answer will uncover itself :). I'd like to go back through the memory lane a little bit. You're one of most complete players I've seen jumping. How did you feel about KZ when you started playing it?

Country: Brazil aloprando: In mid 2010 I got to play first maps - bkz_goldbhop, bhop_cave and such. I didn't like it very much, it turned out that bhop maps are just not for me. I was playing on some old servers like kz-monkeys and insilio, discovering maps like kz_cliffez and kz_cargo. I started falling in love with the game and since then I couldn't stop anymore, I spent hours and hours playing. Thank you for the compliment, I am happy to know that I was a part of the history of this game that I loved so much.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: It's been nearly a decade and if my math is correct, you've been pretty young when you started recording. Do you feel like you pushed KZBR to the international scene?

Country: Brazil aloprando: You're right. It's been pretty much a decade. Most of that time it was just me as a lone player. In my early days I cooperated with kzbr and we had players featured on XJ even before me - Country: Brazil Sioux, Country: Brazil Lean, Country: Brazil razec, Country: Brazil psico, Country: Brazil Osama_, Country: Brazil Nekso and Country: Brazil kne^. I'm really sorry if I miss a name here.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Maybe you'll remember more people as we go through the interview. Which website released your first demo? Was it KZBR, cosy or XJ?

Country: Brazil aloprando: My first map was a brazilian record, and the map was kz_kzse_toonworld.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: That's a quality map to begin with. I feel like you've always been a very strong longjumper, did you ever think about LJ block world records?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Being honest, I'm not a consistent longjumper. It has always been easier for me to finish classic maps maps than ljs. The only technique I like and consistently use is CJ. It even feels easier for me to do it instead of LJ in most situations. I never intended to try and beat LJ blocks.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: You claimed prochallenge_longjump as one of your first records, that's fairly impressive! Did you turn to speedy climb maps after that?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Yes, as wild as it seems I was praciting LJing in that map but ended up getting the WR. It was really unexpected and if I recall it right, I also beat kz_kzlt_dementia, which was my main target at the time.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Both of these maps are very prestigious, were there any XJ demos from you before? You grew up in a very competitive era, how did it feel to claim your first world record?

Country: Brazil aloprando: My first WR was kz_kzfr_escape and I remember how difficult it was, as well as spending hours and hours on New Game. If I recall it right, it was Country: United States pizza's era. At the time it felt amazing as I had the "dream" of participating in KZ teams, which I ended up doing. To this day I'm still part of kz-random. Back then, it was required to have a XJ record.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: I feel the same way about teams, but doing world records is a category for itself. How did it feel when you got affected by "+use" spam demo rollback?

Country: Brazil aloprando: I was sad because I didn't believe it would happen as many players used it, so I didn't think all the hours I put into that would simply be deleted.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: It was you, Country: Poland kropeq, Country: France g-Lp and Country: Russia Bibika who got affected the most. It was frustrating for everyone, but you were able to take your favourite maps back again. Are you this competitive in some other games than KZ?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Yes. Nowadays I usually play competitive CS:GO, but I consider myself competitive in real life as well.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: That's a good fact to know! Did you try GO:KZ or KZMod somewhere along the way?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Yes, I played a bit of CSGO KZ but I didn't enjoy it too much, it was only 4fun with friends to pass time. I never played KZMod as I thought I'd get addicted again so decided not to risk it.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Does it mean that your KZ times are over? It's not so long ago from your latest record.

Country: Brazil aloprando: Unfortunately I believe so. Nowadays I have other purposes and not the same drive to play and spend hours repetitively doing something, but sometimes I play CS 1.6 to have some fun.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: That's true, sometimes I can't resist joining you on BR server. Talking about the Brazilian scene, there was a notable skill spike in 2016 with players like Country: Brazil sonii, Country: Brazil leleh, Country: Brazil guss and Country: Brazil .script. Did you see potential in them?

Country: Brazil aloprando: There really were many up and coming players. Between the ones you mentioned I'd add names like Country: Brazil wolv., Country: Brazil RAD1AT10N and Country: Brazil zen, each with their own skills. The Brazilian KZ scene has many skilled players, but unfortunately they didn't focus on growing along with the scene, so there was a lot of fighting between the players than support.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: That's unfortunate, especially in Country: Brazil zen's case. The temperament has always been there. That reminds me of a thing I really wanted to know. Can you please tell us something more about your legendary kz_kzse_towerbock_h run? You know which one =D...

Country: Brazil aloprando: Yes this is a funny episode. I remember I was listening to songs that synchronized with gameplay, and in the end I got an idea. I asked Pedro, one of my friends and best spectator in kreedz at the time, to put the song at the right moment so it would perfectly synchronize. I did some tests runs to know exactly when to do it and it worked in the end. I tried to do something different and I believe I got it right xD.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: It's the funniest shit I've ever seen in a run, for real =D. It turned out to be a golden classic. Did you make some life-time friends during your days in KZ?

Country: Brazil aloprando: I sure made a lot of friends. Country: Brazil Vee is one of my best friends these days and my boss in the company I work for. I just have to thank him for all he has given me, and other people I know for 8-9 years and I chatted daily with on discord.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: I'm glad the community helped so many people throughout it's existence. This felt like a really friendly talk. Let's do a traditional quick round of questions?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Yes, c'mon.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: risk_lego_firehouse or kz_conveyor?

Country: Brazil aloprando: kz_conveyor

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Blocktime or bhops?

Country: Brazil aloprando: blocktime

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Hell yeah! Beer or wine?

Country: Brazil aloprando: I hate alcoholic drinks but between these two - wine.

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Do you have some unreleased demos?

Country: Brazil aloprando: no

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Which KZ player would you like to see recording again?

Country: Brazil aloprando: Country: Belgium koukouz

Country: Czech Republic fykseN: Thank you for your time aloprando, I'd like to give you a space to shoutout everyone/everything you want:

Country: Brazil aloprando: I thank you! I would also like to thank everyone who has always been a spectator, who helped me when I was not seeing a simple mistake, and who stayed with me on the long nights of recording. I would like to send kisses to some people: Country: Brazil Vee, Country: Brazil R4D1AT10N, Country: Brazil Tibiano, Country: Brazil Gallego, Country: Brazil Moon, Country: Brazil Dudix,
Country: Brazil Pedrowz, Country: Brazil Gustavoh--, Country: Brazil Hnt, Country: Brazil leleh, Country: Poland Cypek, Country: Bulgaria shNz, Country: Russia Bibika, Country: Spain Ducu-, Country: Argentina rawe, Country: Argentina Chasquido, Country: Portugal SAMNY, Country: Argentina emmalahanna, Country: Romania Gene, Country: Russia ShoCk, Country: Argentina Huevo, Country: Czech Republic PU9maker,
Country: Czech Republic shooting-star, Country: Czech Republic fykseN and all the people from kz-brazil, which are many and I won't remember them all now...

Special thanks to Country: Brazil Vee Gold Donator for additional translations.