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26/02/20 - 00:01:29

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

We are excited to finally provide you with some news regarding the LJ Records section. For the longest time,
we have had only 5 official LJ techniques. In the past that made sense and these five techniques did their job to keep the competitive integrity of high level longjumping. However, today's circumstances are no longer the same,
so a change for the better was required to keep the modern content of the KZ world fresh and exciting.

For these reasons, we have decided that it is time to incorporate more LJ techniques within the official LJ Records section. Nevertheless, we didn't want such an important decision to be a one-sided affair, hence we would like your help to determine which new techniques you would like to see being added.

After deliberate examination of the available and known techniques, we came up with 9 new possible entries for the LJ Records section. Moreover, out of these nine techniques, we will have to choose, as a community,
up to 5 techniques that are going to be eventually declared as the standard ones.

Bear in mind that this post's sole purpose is to decide which new techniques we want to officialize, once that's been determined, further details will be revealed in a new post related to the map, the method of performance, and the tops section.

The voting process allows you to choose a minimum and maximum of 5 techniques. If we notice a considerable amount of votes leaning towards only three or four techniques, the rest could be discarded and we will proceed only with the most popular ones. The reasoning behind this is that if the new techniques we want to add are less than three, the amount of work that will have to be put to integrate just two techniques would be disproportional. And, contrariwise, the same thing applies to adding more than five techniques as it would also mean an imbalanced and strenuous effort.
You need a Google account/email in order to participate in this poll.

In the end we would like to hear your opinion as well, so the aforementioned could be subject to change.
With this being said, take a good look at the proposed techniques down below. We made a brief introduction to most of them so make sure to vote for the ones you truly want to see a world record on.

Choose wisely!

Note: You can find the link to the poll at the end of this newspost. Click on "Read the rest..." below!

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Credits: Thanks a lot to Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker for editing this mini-movie!
Demos recorded by: Country: Spain p0ker CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder, Country: Latvia BuTaMuH, Country: Belarus Beterok, Country: Russian Federation jigsaw, Country: China vLy, Country: Russian Federation DeathClaw CS 1.6 Recordholder and Country: Korea, Republic of shooting-star CS 1.6 Recordholder


1. WeirdJump - [WJ]

The first technique to make its way to this list challenges the traditional view on two conditions:
Uniqueness of the technique and performance on specific type of block. Unfortunely, WJ breaks both rules, as it is technically identical in terms of maximum prestrafe and distance compared to DCJ, but also requires an entirely new type of block in order to be performed.
The only notable and vague difference comes with the frequency of executing the maximum prestrafe, as it is much higher with WJ. For example, Country: Sweden propane's famous 274 WJ was done several years prior to Country: Poland memek CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder's current DCJ WR.

However, we are not here to follow the old requirements and there's one key reason as to why WJ can make it to the LJ section and that's its popularity. We can put WJ into perspective when you compare it, for example, with MCJ. For those who are not aware, you are allowed to break the DCJ world record with MCJ, because it's identical to DCJ except for number of double ducks and execution difficulty. HJ, on the other hand, requires a specific type of block, however it is a well-known technique that just has to be in the official LJ top. Reflecting on these examples, WJ is a viable candidate to make it through.

2. Stand-up CountJump - [SCJ]

Moving on to our second option, it is rather an unknown and controversial technique within the 10aa jumping world. For the longest time people thought that you are not able to perform SCJ with meaningful amount of prestrafe on the standard airaccelerate setting.
However, it turns out that's not case, in fact, SCJ could be better than more established and known techniques such as CJ.

According to Country: Russian Federation Kpoluk, a well known figure with a vast amount of in-game and technical KZ knowledge, SCJ's maximum prestrafe results to be higher compared to standard CJ. To contrast the two, CJ's maximum prestrafe could be equivalent to that of 298.48 units/s, whereas SCJ's could go above 300, up until 310! While what's humanly possible is an entirely different thing, we have actually witnessed people who managed 297.x or 298.x SCJ prestrafe.

With that being said, SCJ has the potential to be enough of an unique technique that will sit between CJ and DCJ. While it is technically possible to get well over 300 units/s, remember that the execution of said technique is much harder, which will limit the implied prestrafe and distance. You are not likely to hit 299 prestrafe and 275 stats, however, if people put the same effort that's put into CJ world records, then we can see some interesting outcomes.
Also, lets not forget that it also fulfills the condition of not needing a new type of LJ block in order to perform it. The main drawback is its popularity, the exact opposite of WJ!

-> Note: DSCJ and MSCJ are not considered because they are identical to DCJ and MCJ.
And unlike WJ, they don't require a distinct LJ block nor are they as popular as WJ.

If you are interested in additional information regarding the CJ/SCJ mechanics, check out
Country: Russian Federation Kpoluk's article on them - -link-

3. After Jump/After CountJump - [AJ/ACJ]

Another technique that went quite unnoticed throughout the years. While the technique is moderately popular in regular World Record Runs, its longjump use has been rather uneventful. Among the very few and first people who actually tried to sell ACJ as a viable LJ technique was Country: Bulgaria IceVip. Unfortunately it never quite got its deserved recognition.

What's interesting about this technique is that it could be the only one that meets all the old requirements for a new technique. While it is possible to reach 299.97 prestrafe units/s similarly to SBJ, DCJ, and WJ, the estimated humanly possible distance doesn't resemble the rest from the techniques mentioned above.

Moreover, the technique doesn't require a specific type of block, as you could perform it on every single kz_longjumps2 blocks, except for the hidden ladder blocks. It is actually possible to make a dedicated block for this technique, similar to how SBJ has its own room, however, before this leads to any meaningful discussion, the technique would need to make it first in the TOP5 most voted ones.

/!\ Before we get caught up on all the nitty-gritty details of the technique, let us clarify a few key concepts. First and foremost we have to consider jump height. The height of the jump depends on how much time has passed after the last jump. If this time is 1.31 seconds and more, the jump height reaches its maximum hence the potential distance is bigger.
On the other hand, the less time a jump (within a technique) has compared to 1.31 seconds, the lower the distance of the jump will be. /!\

Double Duck doesn't affect the height of the incoming jump, so DCJ has the maximum possible height, while SBJ is lower (and Bhop/BJ has even lower height than SBJ).

Now, when it comes to After Jumps, it's basically a mix of both as it stands in between DCJ and SBJ in terms of jump height, which allows for a new amount of set distance. Note that we've compared only techniques that allow for the maximum possible prestrafe (299.97 units/s) but they find their differences thanks to jump height.

We won't get into it too much as it would make all of this unnecessarily complicated, but if you are interested to learn more, read the rest of Country: Russian Federation Kpoluk's articles - -link-. He delves deep into fuser2 and jump height physics.

To put things into perspective, Country: Russian Federation Kpoluk made a small graph showcasing an approximate estimation of the possible world record distance, extracting data from already existing ones. Here's what he's got:

1) regular sbj (the start is on the same height as the block):
fuser2: 595
height: 35.539
wr distance: 248.759

2) regular bj
fuser2: 655
height: 34.627
possible wr: 246.226684307

3) regular dcj
fuser2: 0
height: 44.991
wr distance: 275.004

4) regular acj (the start is on the same height as the dd)
fuser2: 435
height: 38.012
possible wr: 255.625681792

5) regular sacj
fuser2: 345
height: 39.434
possible wr: 259.574093734

We'd like to repeat, this is just an estimation and nothing else. The potential of longjumps is technically limitless, so we are just assuming what's more likely in terms of human capabilities.

4. Stand-up After Jump/Stand-up After CountJump - [SAJ/SACJ]

We won't be getting into the details as much as ACJ, but we'll give a few possible reasons as to why this technique is a possibility into the LJ section.

First of all, the Stand-up element of the technique allows for a better jump height, which consequently results in a bigger distance. Technically, this makes it more efficient for longjumping (and especially for doing combos on climb maps). As you can see above, the estimated ASCJ WR could be as good as having over 4 more units than regular ACJ. This is almost the same as the difference between regular CJ and regular DCJ and a bigger difference between regular BJ and regular SBJ.

Secondly, since the StandUp method does make a difference in the overall distance, just like it does with SBJ/BJ and CJ/SCJ, you could say that ACJ/ASCJ should be put into the same category, as we already established that their difference could be even more significant than the former techniques.

We won't be discussing further "Multi After Jumps" because they become way too much of a niche technique that are barely used or straight up unpopular. Not to mention that after a certain amount of Double Ducks used within an After Jump technique, it becomes identical with DCJ/MCJ.

5. BhopJump - [BJ]

Originally, this was the technique that was meant to be used for the official LJ section, however since SBJ does give quite the advantage compared to regular BJ, people started to use that instead for the WR distances. This is why we need to put BJ as a possibility here. The current top is nowhere near an actual BJ top, since all of the demos have used SBJ.

There's not much to explain about its physics as well. The difference lies in pretty much the same way it does with DCJ, ACJ and SBJ. It's all up to the jump height and with BJ you spend the least amount of time in the air, therefore we get the least amount of distance.

Nevertheless, it would be only a fair option to have BJ as well, considering that the only difference between CJ and DCJ is the maximum prestrafe, their jump height is identical.
With SBJ and BJ that's reversed, as they have the same maximum prestrafe but different jump height.

A strong contender, in our opinion!

6. LadderJump - [LDJ]

Ladder Jumps are perhaps in the top3 most popular techniques within this list here. Everybody's familiar with it since at one point or another some maps are demanding a certain level of competence in ladder jumping. Also, a few names who managed to contribute a ton to its popularity come to mind in Country: Ukraine 3bRk^, Country: Belarus Beterok and Country: Bulgaria IceVip due to their breathtaking LadderJump distances.

While you may be familiar with tons of different variations to Ladder Jumps through public jumpstats plugins, such as "Ladder Bhop; Old Ladder Jump; Real Ladder Jump" and others,
we will focus only on what's considered the default Ladder Jump blocks. You could even find them in the current kz_longjumps2 map through the secret room, though they lack the block length since the very best longjumpers can exceed well beyond the mere 170 units block that's found on the map.

There isn't a need for much reasoning as to why this technique could potentially prevail over the rest. While it does break the condition for not having to make new type of block (despite kz_longjumps2 already having them), it checks every other requirement, especially in popularity. It is also one of the most unique techniques in this list here (barring a few others that we will uncover next), there aren't many flaws that will come with it.

It's popularity alone should overcome the requirement for a specific type of block deal, as you could even argue that it is more popular and used than HJ, which while it is extremely common in climb maps, it doesn't receive the same love for casual longjumping.

7. WallSlide LongJump - [WSLJ]

Perhaps the most unique and unknown technique on this list, WallSlide LongJump, or how some prefer to call it: "kkz" jump (from Country: Belgium koukouz Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder, for his alleged "discovery" of it; it has never been 100% confirmed, so we'll restrain ourselves from naming it like that for now).

This technique is mostly used on tiny tunnels where you don't have the proper freedom of strafing to gain speed and most recently in WRs as it was popularized by Country: Norway fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder and Country: Korea, Republic of shooting-star CS 1.6 Recordholder.

However, it turns out that you can also use it for a respectable amount of longjump distances, reaching over 250 block units! The same would apply for its variations in SBJ, WJ, CJ, etc, but we will restrict ourselves to its regular Long Jump variation only.

While it does require a specific type of block, attached to a wall, it is very simple and intuitive. It requires no strafing at all, but a proper angle in relation to the wall, which is a skill on its own. Now, how comparable that skill is to regular strafing? Guess we'll have to find out with time if this one gets picked up!

8. Slide LongJump - [SLJ]

Probably the most daring suggestion we have on this list. Slide LongJumps sound like a simple concept at first glance, but the reality is something entirely different.

While there are numerous maps that offer Slide LongJump blocks [e.g. slide_svn_longslides], there isn't a single one type of block that has been accepted as the definitive one. This would make the integration of this technique slightly more difficult as it demands more effort, but if it receives the needed votes, we will try our best to incorporate it properly!

Another aspect to consider is that specifically in our community, XJ, slides have never been that popular, despite having slide maps here and there (yes, you are actually allowed to submit slide maps as long as they are good), so this could be a hindrance to its implementation. Maybe you do recognize Slide LongJump, because at one point, Country: Latvia BuTaMuH was the only one who was trying to push it as a LJ technique, but ever since then the talented sliders of today have been mainly focusing on running slide maps for WR time.

Even so, we believe that the chances of this technique making it through are still realistic because there's a respectable amount of people that wish for something more unique than what we're used to.

9. DuckBhop Jump - [DBJ]

No, we are not talking about the DuckBhop technique that every newcomer likes to spam "godlike" with it in public jumpstats servers. We are talking about the less known and more effective version of it, also known as "bid" (bhop in duck). However, since the names of the two technique clash a little bit, we decided to refer it like that, as it would make more sense to call DuckBhop Jump the one that's practically more useful.

Similarly to how SBJ and BJ operate, DuckBhop Jump has the lowest amount of Jump Height, which results in the lowest distance, despite being able to reach 299.97 prestrafe units/s.
To be precise, it is exactly 18 units lower than SBJ and while we didn't do the same math for potential WR distances, you could imagine an approximate one.

There are plenty of maps that force the player into doing the technique, but there aren't many which take it to the next level. Thus, we haven't had that much interest in its longjumping aspect, but it is there for the taking nonetheless.

It would be an exciting prospect if this technique makes it to the chosen ones!


/!\ Use this poll to vote (Minimum/Maximum: 5) -> >>> HERE <<<

Once again, choose wisely!!

Sincerely yours,