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Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Hey there,

For the last newspost of 2022, we present you another original movie done by the legendary moviemaker and mapper Country: France 8ball1 Mapper featuring Country: Sweden zyllEE LJ Recordholder on various extreme maps for the most part.

Here are a few words about it from another legend, Country: France heL^_x CS 1.6 Recordholder himself, enjoy:

Country: France heL^_x CS 1.6 Recordholder: The story behind the idea of this movie is that Country: Sweden zyllEE LJ Recordholder himself had recorded, one by one, a lot of demos of jumps done with weapons on hard maps, which are recognized by most "weapon-runners" as very difficult. He compiled the whole thing by recording himself and playing the demos one by one on YouTube so he could give time to the person who would ask him to edit them in the future... Once he had sent me this link from that YouTube mashup, it was over. From the first vision I already had some content in mind. The music was not necessarily a problem, it just flowed. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to watch the series "Your Honor"... Each episode I saw with those songs... I could have imagined a KZ movie. it was too good, too perfect.
I thought it was a shame to let these demos sleep without valorizing them, knowing the important technique that it takes sometimes to approach the perfection to land these jumps legally. The connection between the 2 was instantaneous. The link was easy because at the same time, I was talking with Country: France 8ball1 Mapper too. I would like to thank him especially for dedicating part of his free time to a side project, unpaid and with passion. A lot of internal technical problems, etc. It's a beautiful, sober, elegant realization. Nothing would have been possible without him. (and also Country: Sweden zyllEE LJ Recordholder!)

YouTube Link
Video Link

Sincerely yours,
Country: France heL^_x CS 1.6 Recordholder

Happy new year!

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Country: France heL^_x CS 1.6 Recordholder: The main idea was to reach many climbers, friends, that I knew could give me a "description" of Country: Sweden zyllEE LJ Recordholder; or what they think about him... In the movie, there is only an "average" of the content received from the survey.
To keep a watchable sense and not to saturate the video with text and quotes, we took the decision to condense all the answers obtained in a few, which can highlight in a beautiful way all the comments.
In order to allow you to read by yourself the totality of the comments, below is the totality of the comments found/received, with nickname and date.
I particularly would like to thank all the people who contributed; Also the fact of putting it in this article also made it "possible" to return you a part of this contribution!


Country: Finland Flibo: "true OG always in my heart" (Steam answer - 17/04/2022)

Country: Germany T3dbundy: "I believe zyllEE is very creative, and that he has a passion for gaming. I was impressed when i saw him do the most difficult jumpswith heavy weapons, and excited too. He is an enrichment for the kz community. Thank you for everything. We need more people like you in the scene, so kz stays alive forever" (Steam answer - 23/04/2022)

Country: Norway tjubby: "First and foremost I would describe zyllEE as an extremely including person" (Steam answer - 17/04/2022)

Country: w1zz: "persistent and passionate" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Sweden sitka: "zyllEE created a legacy for both Hide and Seek and Trickjumping with all his inspirational and creative movements. Me myself look up alot to Robin and for my own sucessful movie created together with Pheil I always had zyllEE in mind. Mature and always friendly from back in like 2008 I start play with him and around him. Also very good climber even tho is originally not from the KZ world in my eyes" (Discord answer - 22/04/2022)

Country: Finland VertikO: "I think my admiration towards zyllEE started with a bit of envy in my heart when i was a teenager since i was so competitive and saw him as a huge obstacle in becoming a known player in the scene. The rivalry between us motivated me to push my limits to a higher level everytime i played as i didn't wanna fall behind.I always aimed in becoming acknowledged by him since he was a legend in my eyes. zyllEE truly is a trendsetter in the scene and a HUGE motivator to all who saw his movies" (Steam answer - 28/04/2022)

Country: Russia Toffifee: "Me describe zyllEE? Big oldtroll but actually a nice dude <3 !" (Steam answer - 21/04/2022)

Country: Denmark niken: "Friendly and innovative; always think of that bkz_wallblock SC" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: India ArvInD: "Zyllee has always been the Cypress climbing GOAT" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Serbia solo: "I want to send you pic of m4a1, he is 'gun kz master' for me" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Slovakia Irvin: "acj king" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Slovakia Qicg: "handsome jumper with long (not) ginger hair and beard" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Russia DeathClaw: "zyllEE he's really kind man, good friend and best for kz-society" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Germany zmokiE: "I would descrime him ambitious, friendly and ofc easy going xd !" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Poland FrX: "Weapon god but sucks at w pre jumps :D" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: Russia Kirman: "hardworking and responsive" (Steam answer - 15/04/2022)

Country: pepi: "zyllEE would be trickjumping king, lost ark geek + train driver" (Steam answer - 16/04/2022)

Country: Lithuania Imbik: "Oof it can be hard; Weapon king, awesome man, nice hair btw :D" (Steam answer - 18/04/2022)

Country: Lithuania MEEL: "zyllEE is an awesome guy, very passionate about his weapon runs and that motivates a lot of people around him (including me) to keep pushing and achieve great things! choo choo :]" (Steam answer - 17/04/2022)

Country: Poland Okazys: "Best weapon gamer (excluding topo [and meel {and sekai}])" (Steam answer - 29/04/2022)

Country: Sweden Grumie: "swedish Legend" (Discord answer - 12/10/2022)

Thank you for reading,