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26/02/20 - 00:01:29

Written by: p0ker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

We are excited to finally provide you with some news regarding the LJ Records section. For the longest time,
we have had only 5 official LJ techniques. In the past that made sense and these five techniques did their job to keep the competitive integrity of high level longjumping. However, today's circumstances are no longer the same,
so a change for the better was required to keep the modern content of the KZ world fresh and exciting.

For these reasons, we have decided that it is time to incorporate more LJ techniques within the official LJ Records section. Nevertheless, we didn't want such an important decision to be a one-sided affair, hence we would like your help to determine which new techniques you would like to see being added.

After deliberate examination of the available and known techniques, we came up with 9 new possible entries for the LJ Records section. Moreover, out of these nine techniques, we will have to choose, as a community,
up to 5 techniques that are going to be eventually declared as the standard ones.

Bear in mind that this post's sole purpose is to decide which new techniques we want to officialize, once that's been determined, further details will be revealed in a new post related to the map, the method of performance, and the tops section.

The voting process allows you to choose a minimum and maximum of 5 techniques. If we notice a considerable amount of votes leaning towards only three or four techniques, the rest could be discarded and we will proceed only with the most popular ones. The reasoning behind this is that if the new techniques we want to add are less than three, the amount of work that will have to be put to integrate just two techniques would be disproportional. And, contrariwise, the same thing applies to adding more than five techniques as it would also mean an imbalanced and strenuous effort.
You need a Google account/email in order to participate in this poll.

In the end we would like to hear your opinion as well, so the aforementioned could be subject to change.
With this being said, take a good look at the proposed techniques down below. We made a brief introduction to most of them so make sure to vote for the ones you truly want to see a world record on.

Choose wisely!

Note: You can find the link to the poll at the end of this newspost. Click on "Read the rest..." below!

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