Website rules
  • You may only have one website account. Having multiple accounts will get you banned permanently.
  • Because this is an international community, you may only speak english.
  • Warnings: 2 Warnings will get you banned temporarily, under special circumstances you might as well get commentbanned or banned permanently.
    -> Warnings and bans are handed out at admins discretion.
Community guidelines
  • We do NOT accept racism, prejudice, sexism or any other kind of hatred.
  • We do NOT accept degrading topics made about other countries, races or religions in particular ones aimed to prompt an aggressive response.
  • Cheat accusations or suspicions should be posted in the Chopping Block and are not tolerated outside the forum.
  • Disruptive behaviour in the forums, comments, or on the IRC channel will result in a warning. Insulting or harder violations will result in a commentban.
  • We do NOT accept excessive spamming, especially if we regard it as pointless posting. It will get yourself a warning eventually.
  • This particular content is NOT tolerated: Massive advertisement, multiplayer cheats or scripts (aimbots, wallhacks, bhopscripts etc), porn, murders and other material that can be found offensive.
  • Forum Guidelines: Use the search function first!
  • Stay on topic. Read the forum descriptions to find the right forum for your question(s) and posts.
  • Avoid making doubleposts or creating a second thread on a topic that is already discussed in another thread.
  • NEW: Discussions about political and religious beliefs are allowed in case they are unbiased and objective. Any attempts of propaganda will result in a permanent commentban. Displaying hate towards certain groups of people will result in a permanent commentban, eventually permanent ban.
General cup rules
  • The only version of Counter-Strike allowed in any tournament is the original one -> Steam version. Any other version is prohibitted.
  • All shortcuts are allowed unless a cup admin makes adjustments.
  • If there is a health button it is your decision if you use it!
  • You are not allowed to use any other weapons apart from knife or USP while jumping.
  • Bhop scripts/hacks or any other scripts/hacks which give you an advantage are strictly forbidden. Violations against this rule will result in a permanent server ban.
  • You may not camp any longer than 5 seconds.
  • Respect every player no matter what their skill level is.
  • Do not join a team when the cup is already running! If you are in the cup but another match is already running, join the spectators or wait with your teamjoin as long as the running match is over. Note: this rule is handled very strictly, the cupadmin may ban you in case of any violation.
  • If you lost a match and want to spectate the rest of the match please join the spectators and leave the CT Team.
  • If your /poscheck position is in the air, your final position after falling down will be counted. It doesn't matter if you were about to make this jump or not. If your /poscheck postion is in the air and you die after falling down (and there is no health button on the map!) your end position is the start button. Note: To prevent such situations stand still the last 2 seconds before each round ends.
  • No spectators are allowed. Dont ask admins if you can spectate the cup. If you want to spectate the Jumpcups you have to use the HLTV Server or Online Streams menu from the right side of the website. Note: There may be exceptions if the Server is down.
  • You may only speak english.
  • If you don't show up at the deadline even though you signed up for the cup, our cupadmins have the right to ban you from the community up to 2 weeks.
  • Depending on the situation, cup admins may ban you if they have judged that you have violated the tournament in any possible way and at any given moment of the cup, even if it is not stated in the rules.
Demo rules

General rules

  • Approved AMXX packages for recording:

  • NEW: Always consult the demo admins before using any excess plugins on top of the amxx packages.
  • The demo must be complete. This means you have to start the demo before pressing the start button, and end the demo after pressing the stop button. If the start or the finish are not visible on the demo, the demo will be rejected.
  • Knife & USP are the only weapons allowed. Your average FPS must be over 85 and the demo must be recorded in 1st person.
  • The demo must be compressed with WinRAR. The .rar package must be named "mapname_playername_time", for example:

  • The demo file inside the archive has to be named exactly like below:

  • Submit the demo here. If you have problems uploading your demo, contact one of the demo admins found here. The nickname you're using to upload your demo has to be the same as your XJ account.
  • You're not allowed to change or edit your key binds during a run.
  • NEW: You're not allowed to block standard sounds from steps, shooting, stabbing or receiving damage of any kind. This includes fall damage.
  • Fake demos are not allowed. You're not allowed to submit demos using other players nickname or username, you will receive a punishment for this depending on the severity of the attempt.
  • Non-Steam demos are NOT allowed. -> You can buy a legal copy of Counter-Strike on Steam.
  • NEW: You must set up your Steam profile (brand new or not) before submitting any demo.
  • NEW: Any demos uploaded with a VPN will automatically be rejected. If you absolutely can't upload your demo without one, contact one of the demo admins to get it uploaded.


    The demo must be done with these server settings:

  • edgefriction "2"
  • sv_gravity "800"
  • sv_stopspeed "75"
  • sv_maxspeed "320"
  • sv_accelerate "5"
  • sv_airaccelerate "10"
  • sv_wateraccelerate "10"
  • sv_friction "4"
  • sv_waterfriction "1"
  • sv_stepsize "18"
  • sv_maxvelocity "2000"
  • sv_cheats "0"
  • mp_footsteps "1"
  • Client settings:
  • cl_lw "1"
  • cl_sidespeed "400"
  • cl_backspeed "400"
  • cl_forwardspeed "400"
  • cl_movespeedkey "0.52"
  • fps_max "99.5"
  • fps_override "0"
  • gl_vsync "0"
  • You're not allowed to use any cvar or setting that might give you an unfair advantage over default Counter-Strike settings.

Timer rules

  • You must use the original timer in the map, and modifying the map in any way is not allowed.
  • Use the approved recording packages to avoid timerbug, which can occur when recording without any plugins. In case of different times in the plugin and a demochecking program, the program will always overrule plugin time.

Route rules *WIP*

  • We are currently using the same route rules as kz-rush.

Additional rules

  • The demo must be recorded in your LAN server (New Game in the main menu).
  • IMPORTANT: You're not allowed to use methods which show your velocity during a run, this includes:


    ... and similar AMXX commands. You can disable these features in-game with the commands mentioned above, or by editing the plugins config file or amxx.cfg. If you're unable to disable them, contact any of the demo admins for help.
  • Using godmode is only allowed if there is a health button in the map. Using a health button before starting the timer is allowed.
  • All objects (doors, breakables and movable objects) and triggers must be in their default state before you press the start button. However, you're allowed to press the start button from any position you can reach it from. For example, doors must be closed and breakable objects must be intact before you start the timer.
  • You're allowed to use hook or noclip to reach a higher start position before using the timer. But this position MUST be reachable by normal climbing too. For example, players falling from great heights that use slanted surfaces to gain a speed boost for the start.
  • Demos that require any custom files to be downloaded before viewing (sprites, models, sounds, etc) will be rejected. Use the approved AMXX packages to avoid this.
  • It is forbidden to gain any advantage from another player present on your server. At the moment of starting the timer you must be the only player "alive" on your server.
LJ records
  • The demo must be compressed with WinRAR. The .rar package must be named "block_technique_playername", using the following abbreviations:

    Longjump - lj
    Highjump - hj
    Countjump - cj
    Double/Multi Countjump - dcj/mcj
    Standup Bhopjump - sbj

    For example:

  • The demo file inside the archive has to be named exactly like below:

  • Plugins showing your velocity/pre/jof are allowed on LJ demos.
  • Each technique must be done on the appropriate block type, you can't do countjumps on highjump blocks. The demo should not be too long (maximum 2 minutes). Remember that the distance shown in-game by plugins might be different to the real jump distance. If you wish to know the real distance, contact any of the demo admins.
  • Multi Countjumps are allowed for recording in the dcj section.
Bantimes for cheating in demos
  • Ban times will be decided by demo admins according to the severity of the case. Any player receiving a permanent ban for cheating will also get all of his current records removed.
  • A player permanently banned for cheating in any other major KZ community will also have his right to submit demos here revoked.