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Website rules
  • You may only have one website account. Having multiple accounts will get you banned permanently.
  • Because this is an international community, you may only speak english.
  • Warnings: 2 Warnings will get you banned temporarily, under special circumstances you might as well get commentbanned or banned permanently.
    -> Warnings and bans are handed out at admins discretion.
Community Guidelines
  • We do NOT accept racism, prejudice, sexism or any other kind of hatred.
  • We do NOT accept degrading topics made about other countries, races or religions in particular ones aimed to prompt an aggressive response.
  • Cheat accusations or suspicions should be posted in the Chopping Block and are not tolerated outside the forum.
  • Disruptive behaviour in the forums, comments, or on the IRC channel will result in a warning. Insulting or harder violations will result in a commentban.
  • Posting the demo upload count (for example "2/20 Demos uploaded") is not allowed. Users can inform themselves by checking the "Submit Demo" page, if they want.
  • We do NOT accept spam or any other pointless postings. Post like "xAxA I'R cool" or xxx "viewing yyy.php" will get yourself a warning as well.
  • This particular content is NOT tolerated: Massive advertisement, multiplayer cheats or scripts (aimbots, wallhacks, bhopscripts etc), porn, murders and other material that can be found offensive.
  • Forum Guidelines: Use the search function first!
  • Stay on topic. Read the forum descriptions to find the right forum for your question(s) and posts.
  • Avoid making doubleposts or creating a second thread on a topic that is already discussed in another thread.
Jumpcup rules
  • All shortcuts are allowed unless a cup admin makes adjustments.
  • If there is a health button it is your decision if you use it!
  • You are not allowed to use any other weapons apart from knife or USP while jumping.
  • Bhop scripts/hacks or any other scripts/hacks which give you an advantage are strictly forbidden. Violations against this rule will result in a permanent server ban.
  • You may not camp any longer than 5 seconds.
  • If you want to give up, change your name.
  • Respect every player no matter what their skill level is.
  • IRC add-scripts for the cups are strictly forbidden!
  • The matches are 5 minutes long. If no one wins the match (both players are on the same block) there will be a rematch. The rematch playtime is 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Do not join a team when the cup is already running! If you are in the cup but another match is already running, join the spectators or wait with your teamjoin as long as the running match is over. Note: this rule is handled very strictly, the cupadmin may ban you in case of any violation.
  • If you lost a match and want to spectate the rest of the match please join the spectators and leave the CT Team.
  • If you are stuck or bugged with the 0 health points bug there are 2 things you can do: use the /start command or to kill yourself (type "kill" in your console); auto respawn is enabled so you will automatically respawn at the CT spawn area. Admins are NOT supposed to help you out of these situations (slap you or give you noclip).
  • If your /poscheck position is in the air, your final position after falling down will be counted. It doesn't matter if you were about to make this jump or not. If your /poscheck postion is in the air and you die after falling down (and there is no health button on the map!) your end position is the start button. Note: To prevent such situations stand still the last 2 seconds before each round ends.
  • No spectators are allowed. Dont ask admins if you can spectate the cup. If you want to spectate the Jumpcups you have to use the HLTV Server or Online Streams menu from the right side of the website. Note: There may be exceptions if the Server is down.
  • You may only speak english.
Additional rules for melee cups
  • A player who has reached the top doesn't have to push the stop button. What he has to do to be counted as on top when the match ends, is to have his poscheck either on the top or a position that is reachable only trough the top. If a player stops the timer and jumps down to the startbutton, he will not be counted as on top. Note: The cupadmins are allowed to slay themselves after they have reached the top or slay other users who have reached the top to get a better overview.
IRC-channel rules
  • The community guidelines apply for IRC as well. However, there are some points of special importance:
  • Do not speak any other languages than english. Speaking another language will get you banned from the IRC channel for 30 minutes.
  • If you have a question, type it in our main channel fist!
    -> Be sure your question(s) isn't in the FAQ before asking.
    -> If no one answers you can try to contact an admin.
    Check the admins page to see who's the right admin to talk to.
  • Don't advertise for other IRC channels.
  • Do NOT highlight operators.
Demo rules

General rules

  • Demo must be complete. Which means you have to start the demo before pressing the startbutton and end the demo after you have pressed the stopbutton.
  • Knife & USP are the only weapons allowed.
  • Demo must be compressed with WinRAR and named like "mapname_author_decimal.time.rar", for example "kz_man_bighardclimb_Ad9r_1337.76.rar"
  • The name of the demo file (inside the rar file) has to be like this: "mapname_author_time.dem", for example "kz_man_bighardclimb_Ad9r_1337.76.dem"
  • Submit the demo through our Demo Uploader or to an admin via IRC in case you have problems with the Demo Uploader. Our channel is #Xtreme-Jumps and is located at Quakenet.
  • Average fps must be at least 85 fps.
  • The nickname you are using to upload your demo should be the same as your account to avoid multiaccount.
  • The demo must be recorded in-eye.

NON-Steam rules

  • NON-Steam demos are not allowed.
    -> Get a legal copy of Counter-Strike if you want to submit record demos on this site.
  • You are not allowed to use one of the old protocols (eg. protocol 47).
    -> Changes in the protocol might affect the game's physics which could cause slight advantages or disadvantages compared to the latest version.


    Demos must be done with these settings:

  • Server settings:
  • edgefriction "2"
  • sv_gravity "800"
  • sv_stopspeed "75"
  • sv_maxspeed "320"
  • sv_accelerate "5"
  • sv_airaccelerate "10"
  • sv_wateraccelerate "10"
  • sv_friction "4"
  • sv_waterfriction "1"
  • sv_stepsize "18"
  • sv_maxvelocity "2000"
  • sv_cheats "0"
  • mp_footsteps "1"
  • Client settings:
  • cl_lw "1"
  • cl_sidespeed "400"
  • cl_backspeed "400"
  • cl_forwardspeed "400"
  • cl_movespeedkey "0.52"
  • fps_max "99.5"
  • fps_override "0"
  • gl_vsync "0"
  • You are not allowed to use any cvar or setting that might give you an unfair advantage compared to the default counter-strike settings (just as cl_sidespeed and so on), even if it's not stated in the list above. Keep your config default!

Gamespecific rules

  • The demo must be recorded at your own LAN server (aka listen server aka not dedicated). Demos which are recorded at dedicated servers will NOT be accepted.
  • You are not allowed to use any script or metamod or amxx plugins that give you an advantage to other jumpers.
  • IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to use methods which show your velocity during a run, this includes:


    ...and similar AMXX commands.

    In order to disable this on your server, follow next instructions:

    For kz_ljs_xm.amxx: remove letter 'c' from kz_ljs_connectenabler cvar in addons\amxmodx\configs\amxx.cfg or if such line doesn't exist add kz_ljs_connectenabler "ab" to the end of file.

    For uq_jumpstats.amxx: remove letters 'c', 'd', 'g', 'i', 'j' and 'k' from kz_uq_connect cvar in addons\amxmodx\configs\amxx.cfg or if such line doesn't exist add kz_uq_connect "abehlmn" to the end of file.
  • You may not use any other timer than the original one.
  • Using Godmode isn't allowed - use the health button!
  • Hook/teleporters: You are allowed to use AMX features like teleporters or hook to get up to places you could climb up as well, means you are allowed to use them as a 'support tool' to save "senseless" climbing time before you start the actual run (because theoretically the same record would be possible without teleport/hook - it would only take much more time to get up there every time before you start a run).
  • BUT: It's not allowed to use teleporters or hook to get an unfair advantage, means gaining more speed or reaching an unreachable spot (to start the run from).
    -> Setting a teleporter or hooking to a precise location and taking your speed and direction with you into that teleporter can be an unfair advantage, because this might give you an additional speedboost (and therefore more speed than you could gain without these AMX features).
  • All objects (doors, breakables, movable objects) and triggers must be in their default state before you press the start button. However you're allowed to press the start button from any position you can reach it from.
  • Demos that require any sprites, models, sounds or gfx not coming with the downloadable .rar/.zip file in the download section are not allowed. Those custom files often come from using inofficial AMXX plugins. If you want to avoid this, you should record your demo at a clean server with the Official XJ AMXX pack v2.1 or no plugin at all.
  • If you want to use HLTV models, use the non-bugged XJ HLTV models. You can get them in the download section.
    -> Other HLTV models are not allowed.
  • adjust_crosshair scripts (changing the color of the crosshair) are not allowed.
  • Fakedemos are strictly forbidden. Nobody is allowed to record any demos (for the record or the LJ record section) with a friends nickname or another username. In case of any abuse both involved player will get a 6 month ban from the whole XJ community (Website, IRC, Servers).
  • It is strictly forbidden to change your keys/binds/aliases during a run, they must be set before you start the timer.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take any kind of advantage from another player present on your server.
  • As soon as you started the timer, you have to be the only one "alive".
  • If the admin thinks that the demo is breaking against any rules, he can choose to not put it on the demo-page. If you do not agree with the admin, you can, of course, tell him what you think about it. But in a polite way.

Timer rules

  • Ever since it was discovered that the Kreedz-Timer was inaccurate and that timerbugs can occur (FAQ: What is a timerbug?) it caused quiet a few problems and a lot of different rules had to be introduced. To solve this problem a final set of rules was established:
    -> The XJ record system is using a real time time-measurment system allowing millisecond times up to 2 decimals!
  • It's not possible to beat demos with faster times in the third decimal place (.00x), if there are two demos with the same times in the first two decimal places the first submitted demo will be accepted (first come first serve). -> This is based on the fact that the demand interval of the hl engine is not capable of giving solid and valid times beyond the second decimal place 100% of the time (then again timeshifts would be happening in some cases, which would be way harder to determine than the old timerbugs, since they are happening in the decimal areas): Because of the quantization of time measurement in the hl engine in 0.01s intervals the mean error of one time measurement is 0.005s. So the statistical variance for the measured record time is Sqrt[2*0.005^2] = 0.0071. Every time difference smaller than the statistical variance is not significant and only based on statistical effects so it is likely to have occurred only by chance.
  • To check the real times performed in your demos either use the Official XJ AMXX pack v2.1 in your run, or use the DemoChecker after the demo was recorded (or both, if you want to be sure). -> If different times are shown (caused by massive ingame lags, for example) the DemoChecker time will always be more accurate and therefore overrule the plugin time.

Rules about cheating

  • Any kinds of jumpscripts (bhopscript, doubleduckscript, duckscripts etc) are strictly forbidden! The only command that your jump or duck key is allowed to be bound to is "+jump" or "+duck".
  • You are not allowed to install and use plugins or tools that effects the jump or duck command in any way!
  • You are not allowed to use tools or other stuff that might affect your game in any way, especially not tools to slow down the ingame speed ('slowmo').
LJ Records
  • Demo should be packed in RAR archive and both demo and archive should have following name format 'block_technique_nickname', use shortcuts for every technique:

    Longjump - LJ
    Highjump - HJ
    Countjump - CJ
    Double/multi Countjump - DCJ
    Bhop - BHOP

    For example, 270_cj_username.rar
  • Each technique should be done on the appropriate block type, you can't do countjump on highjump blocks.
  • Demo should not be too long, maximum length of lj demo should not be more than 2 minutes.
  • If you are not sure if you've landed a block, feel free to ask it our demo admins.
  • Notice: distance that in-game plugin shows may be different to real jump distance, if you want to know real distance of jump try to contact our demo admins.
Bantimes for cheating in Demos
  • We are not take cheating lightly. Here are some information about how a cheater will be banned depending on what cheats he used and how many demos he cheated in:
  • Type of cheat
  • Demos
  • Bantime
  • "+jump;wait;-jump" or scripts alike
  • 1
    2 or more
  • 3 months
    3 m. - 1 year
  • Bhop scripts using "special" cmds or scripts alike
  • 1
    2 or more
  • 3 months
    3 m. - 1 year
  • Using a metamod/amx plugin to get an advantage
  • 1
    2 or more
  • permanent
  • Using a metamod/amx plugin or 3rd party bhop/slowmo hack
  • 1
    2 or more
  • permanent
  • About demos with other types of cheats, the consequences will be discussed between the admins.
  • Each cheater has the right to make a statement that will be put in the newspost. Note that this is only if the statement is suitable. Suitable is defined by the admins.
Getting unbanned?
  • However, we offer every cheater a one-time chance to convince us that he changed after a period of 6 months. This will happen over an essay written for us admins, including the motives of cheating, the way of cheating (including detailed explanation of which programs were used and how they work) and some words about what caused a change of thinking. Any attempt to avoid the bantime by creating new accounts, or using the accounts of a friend, will blast this chance.
  • If a player that have been judged as a cheater before submits more demos with cheat(s) in them, he/she will be permanently banned.

Xtreme-Jumps takes the freedom to be able to change these rules without informing its users. To be able to follow these rules correctly you should update yourself every once in a while. It is the users responsibility to keep updated.